Gemology & Numerology 
For Star Blue Sapphire

Kannan M

Avoid The Defective

Gemology & Numerology caution you to avoid a defective Blue Sapphire. A Defective Sapphire will harm you.

From granites to gem stones you have both good and bad. Some will be good. Others will be defective.

You must avoid the defective gems and choose the good. Then alone you will be really benefited by gems.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Importance Of Blue
And Blue Gem

Blue is associated with the Gods. In Hindu Religion Lord Shiva is known as Neelakanta. Neela means Blue. His wife Parvati is known as Neelambika. Here too Neela means blue. Lord Krishna's dark complexion is also Blue.

In The Holy Bible it is said in The Old Testament
Under The Feet Of Lord God
There seemed To Emerge
A Blue Light
As If From A Blue Gem
No wonder then that the Blue Gem, Blue Sapphire, and Star Blue Sapphire became the most sought after gemstones.

Blue Gem In Literature

In Tamil Literature the word Mani was used to glorify Blue Sapphire. Blue complexioned Krishna is known as Manivannan. Blue necked Sankara was known as Manikantha. Here Mani refers to color blue and blue sapphire.

In The Tamil Sangam Periods wherever the word Mani was used it invariably denoted Blue Sapphire. People adored Blue Sapphire as even more valuable than Blue Diamond.

Two Kinds Of Blues

In blue Sapphire itself there are two varieties. One is of Sea Blue. The Other one is Sky Blue. Of these two varieties Sky Blue Sapphires were more beautiful and so more popular.

If you drop a gem of Sky Blue Sapphire in a glass of milk the entire milk will appear blue. This standard test judges the quality of Blue Sapphire.

Tests Differ

The tests in gemology differ from my tests by bioenergetics. For me a blue sapphire or any gem may be good, but it may not suit your body, mind, and energy vibrations. If it does not suit these, that gem will harm you.

Normally I recommend Blue Sapphire or Star Blue Sapphire for any Day Number and Any Ruling Planet. But for Saturn! I prescribe blue sapphire or star blue sapphire for Saturn on one Strict condition.

Saturn Should Be
A Benefic!

Blue Sapphire or Star blue Sapphire will suit Saturn only when Saturn is a strong benefic planet in your native and horary horoscopes. I always Study the native horoscope and the horary chart to confirm this.

Many numerologists all over the world blindly prescribe Blue Sapphire for Saturn if you've 8. It's wrong. As per numerology Saturn is evil. Blue Sapphire will increase the evil effects of Saturn!

Wrong Advice

The gemology shops engage numerologists to sit and convince the clients by on the spot numerology calculations. Do you have 8? Then take Star Blue Sapphire. This is their method. This technique is full of defects.

What if Saturn is a malefic in your native or horary horoscope? Will it not increase the powers of Saturn to punish you more? This is a universal mistake by numerologists. All numerology books contain this wrong advice.

Update Your Knowledge

These so called numerology books with misleading contents should be amended or rewritten by their authors in the light of these scientific facts. The gemology teachers must drill this point in the minds of their students.

Prescribe a star Blue Sapphire only if Saturn is a lucky planet in your birth and horary astrology charts. The numerology authors must learn astrology and update their knowledge. They should stop giving such wrong advice.

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