Gemology & Numerology Guide How To Buy Lucky Gems

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Ideas From Astrology

Gemology and Numerology borrow many ideas from astrology to satisfy all needs of the Lucky Gems' clients.

Many people do not know which of the gems control which parts of the body to give good relief in diseases.

Many do not know on how to decide the Gem's weight in Carats or Grams or to choose the metal for any Gem.
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Fingers & Anatomy

As per gemology and numerology, your Index finger governs stomach and respiratory functions, your middle finger controls the brain, mind, intestines and liver, and your little finger governs your leg, feet and genitals.

Your ring finger governs stomach, kidney, respiration, blood vessels, and blood circulation.

Carats Or Grams

As per gemology and numerology, you have to employ your lucky numbers to decide the weight of your stone. When you buy a gem stone they tell its weight in Carats. The conversion for One Carat equals 200 milligrams.

Suppose as per your name numerology, your lucky number is 1. Then Ruby is your lucky stone. Buy it in 5 carats or 1000 milligrams. Look for a Ruby weighing 1000 milligrams. Take 2.5 Carats or 500 mg if 5 is also lucky.

For No. 2 & 3

As per numerology, if your lucky number is 2, buy a stone weighing one Carat or 200 mg. If you want to buy the same or any other gem, choose the same weight. Or take 3 Carats if 2 & 6 are lucky.

As per numerology, if 3 is your lucky number, your gem is Amethyst. Buy 1.5 carats. If you want another stone, buy it in the measure of 1.5 Carats. You can buy 2.5 Carats or 500 mg if 5 is also lucky.

For No. 4 & 5

Suppose your numerology lucky number is 4. Garnet and Ruby are your stones. Buy 0.5 carat or 100 milligrams. Take the measure of 2.5 carats or 500 mg if 5 is also lucky. Use the same method for other stones.

Suppose your numerology lucky number is 5. Diamond is your favorite gemstone. Take 2.5 carats or 500 mg. If 6 is also lucky for you, buy the same Diamond in 3 carats or 600 mg. Use the same method for other stones.

For No. 6 & 7

Suppose your numerology lucky number is 6. Emerald is your stone. Buy 3 carats or 600 mg. You can also buy the same or any other stone in 3 Carats or 600 milligrams. Use the same method for other gems & numbers.

Suppose your numerology lucky number is 7. Cat's Eye or Chrysoberyl is your lucky stone. Buy Tiger's eye or Pearl too. But as your lucky number is 7, buy it in the gemology measure of 3.5 Carat or 700 milligrams.

For No. 8 & 9

Suppose your numerology lucky number is 8. Diamond is your stone. Blue Sapphire, if Saturn is a benefic in your charts. Take the measure of 2.5 Carats or 500 mg. Use the same technique for other stones.

If your lucky number is 9, Coral is your Lucky Gem. 1, 3, and 5 too may be lucky. Apply your mind. Choose the mg as per one of these lucky numbers and take 900 mg, 100mg, 300mg, or 500 mg.(4.5, 0.5, 2.0, or 2.5 Carats).

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