Name Numerology For Persons Ruled By Number 7

Kannan M

Withdraw Like A Snail

If your name numerology is ruled by 7, you live in your own world. You like mystic thoughts and solitude.

When surrounded by like minded persons, you openly speak out. You lead them with lively conversation.

You are effective as a good leader among such people. When you face opposition, you observe silence.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Thirst For The Occult

You are interested in the life after death. You do research in talking with the medium, arousing dead persons into dialogue, and other such secret matters. Thirst for these occult sciences makes you highly knowledgeable.

You do research on astrology, palmistry, tarot, and on the science of finger prints. You study with interest dissection of dead animals, post mortum of human bodies, and about the ancient tribes and conventions.

Brood A Lot

It places you on a higher pedestal mentally and so away from ordinary people. You enjoy thinking a lot and brooding over deep matters in solitude. You analyze yourself, your family, your society, & the world.

Name-Numerology for Success In Business!

Thinkers & Prodigies

If you have name numerology of 7, you exhibit strange, peculiar, and eccentric modes of behaviors. If a person is acting peculiarly and if any one is having an eccentric behavior, know that he may be ruled by seven.

Many child prodigies are born under No. 7. Many poets, writers, musicians, mathematicians, reformers, philosophers, altruists, revolutionaries come under this number of 7. Many of them have altruistic tendencies.

Search The Hidden

If you have name numerology of 7, it makes you interested in occult knowledge such as mantra, yantra, and tantra. you strive to specialize in these subjects. And if 7 is not afflicted, you achieve great success.


Numerology of 7 makes the 7 born persons drift away from homes and their families. This is because they are not able to get along well with others. Hence, they spend their lives in solitude and sorrows.

The numbers 7 and 8 have some similarity in that both show strong religious tendencies. Persons ruled by 7 are well versed in Vedas and Scriptures leading to God. But seldom do they take up Asceticism.

Name Numerology of 7
No Saffron Robes

The 7 people derive great knowledge with out the tendency to renounce. On the other hand, Number 8 people are attracted by renunciation and take the Ocher Robe. Dispassion easily comes to them.

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