Birthdate Numerology Compatibility 
Decides Your Success

Kannan M

Formula for Success

If you want to achieve success, you must have birthdate numerology compatibility. Your Birth Day has a Day Number and a Life Number.

Day Number is Ruled by a Planet. It controls your Nature and Character.

Your Life Number is ruled by another Planet. This Life Number denotes the destination and destiny of your Life.
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Defines Your Personality

The Day No. defines your physical Details and Traits. The Life No. defines Your Mind, Personality, Character, and Destiny in your Life.

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Realize Ambitions

Birthdate Numerology Compatibility enables you to realize your ambitions in this life itself. Your Day No. may be good or evil. Whatever it is you'll attain to the position indicated by your Life Number.

If you are born on the dates 5, 14, or 23 of any month, you are ruled by Day No. 5. The Planet ruling 5 is Mercury. Therefore, you're ruled by Mercury in your Day No. It has its own merits and demerits.
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Birthdate Numerology Compatibility
Life Number Decides

Numerology Compatibility is also decided by your Life Number. Being born under lucky numbers such as 5 is not enough. You must also have a favorable Life Number. If that is evil, you end up as a failure.

As such if your Life No. is 8, ruled by Saturn, you'll meet with delays, disappointments, dejections, & defeats. You'll have robbery, theft, murder, & accidents. You may even court imprisonment.
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Make It Lucky

Can you make your birthday numerology compatibility lucky? That is the key strategy of name numerology. Your appearance, character, traits, & personality are all known by your Name & decided by your Name No..

If you have a good Name which resonates in harmony with your Day No. and Life No. then you can avoid the failures caused by 8 or Saturn. Ensure that your Name No. vibrates well with your Day No. and Life No.

When Spoiled

Numerology compatibility can be spoiled by unlucky Day Numbers like 2, 7, or 8. No. 7 & 2 are unlucky for Life No. 9. Number 3 & 8 are unlucky for Life No. 6. No. 8 is unlucky for any life number including 8.

In many cases we have realized that No. 2 is unlucky for 4 & 8. No. 7 is unlucky for 7, 8 & 9. No. 8 can be highly unlucky for No.3. Number 4 & 7 are inimical & poles apart, separated in the zodiac by 180 degrees.

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