Best Ways To Save A Marriage By Marriage Date Rectification

How Is Your Marriage

The Ways To Save a Marriage has been a puzzle to the modern days' civilization. Every one is perplexed.

Out of 1000 marriages consecrated only 400 are successful. Why and How? Why do other marriages fail?

Why is it that daily more and more divorce cases are filed in the family courts  through out the world?

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Love Turns Sour

Because in most cases marriages are decided on apparent love. But soon after marriage the love evaporates like a dew drop in sun light. The near and dear are at a loss to know the ways to save a marriage like theirs.

When they remained as lovers they had only mutual praise to shower on each other.  They were blind to each others faults. But after marriage each one's faults become visible to both and slowly bitterness develops.

Becomes Hatred

The quarrels increase with time and one begins to lose trust with the other. The love slowly dies and becomes hatred. The wife does not like her husband any more and the husband also does not like his wife either.

All are perplexed and no one knows the ways to save a marriage like this.

Setbacks & Accidents

Soon after a defective marriage, you get financial setbacks. The business goes on loss. Your clients refuse to pay their dues.  There is a theft or a robbery. You meet with unexpected accidents.  All these events happen because you had married on an unlucky date & at an inauspicious time.

Importance Of Lucky Time

People who want to preserve a marriage consult astrologers to find an auspicious time for the marriage.  But there are too many half baked astrologers. They don't know how to fix the most lucky date and time.

As a result usually the time fixed by these astrologers is unlucky. If you marry in such unlucky moment, how can you expect your marriage to be successful? It will surely end up in discord, separation, or divorce.

Marriage Date Rectification

Marriage is like a rebirth. So it is important that you must marry during your most lucky moment. If not your marriage will miserably fail. However you can save such marriages by doing a ritual called marriage date rectification. It is one of the best ways to save a marriage.

The Four Steps

Marriage Date Rectification involves 4 steps. 1. Mentally Disavow and Dissolve the erstwhile marriage. 2. Live like persons not related to each other for about 15 days or one month as advised by your consultant.

3. Reunite and Get remarried on the most lucky and auspicious date & time and vow upon God to be united for ever there after. 4. Enjoy this day as your wedding date and celebrate the day and night in a 5 star hotel.

Marriage Date Rectification
Purpose And Method

What is the purpose of marriage date rectification? It removes the evil effects of the planets ruling at the unlucky time of your defective marriage. It is done by calculations based on your numerology and stellar astrology.

Numbers to Avoid On
Marriage Date

As per numerology, no one should get married on a day ruled by 5, 7, or 8 as its day number or compound number. So also as a rule every one must avoid marriage on a day ruled by inimical numbers to their birth numbers.

To some persons 6 will be inimical. To some others 2 & 7 will be inimical. To some 9 will be inimical. To some 3 will be inimical. To some others 2 or 4 or 5 will be inimical. Marriages done on these dates will end in failure.

Take Expert Advice

As per name numerology, the evil numbers mentioned above should not come as the day number or the compound number in any proposed marriage date. As a result it is very difficult to find the correct date.

So consult an expert in numerology, astrology, bioenergetics, horary, &  Lecher Antenna. He must know how to measure the good or bad vibes in names. Taking his advice is one of the best ways to save a marriage.

The expert whom you consult will examine the numerology birth numbers of both husband and wife. Then he will find a most lucky date which is not inimical to the birth numbers & name numbers of either husband or wife.

Dissolve The Present
Erstwhile Marriage

One of the best ways to save a marriage is marriage date rectification. To do this you have to mentally dissolve your present marriage.  Make a vow before your God that you divorce your husband or wife from that instant.

Ways To Save A Marriage
The Techniques

Remove all the symbols of your erstwhile marriage like wedding presents, ring, watch, sacred thread etc. This breaks the ties with your spouse. Then live with him or her as a friend, but one not related to you for some days.

Avoid even a casual physical touch with your former spouse and live like friends. This is your first step in one of the best ways to save a marriage.

Perform Remarriage

Then after 15 days or one month, on an auspicious date & time given by your consultant, mentally reunite yourself with your separated spouse. 

Wear again your wedding symbols like the wedding ring, thali, metti, or sacred thread which are the ornaments given to you during your marriage. Pray to God to Give you a happy married life.

Give yourself a vacation. Imagine you are newly married and it is going to be your 1st night. If possible celebrate your day and night in a 5 star hotel.

God Is Your Witness

It is before God you vowed to dissolve your unhappy marriage and vowed to reunite and remarry. God is omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. God has been your witness for your remarriage. Always remember this.

It is not all that easy and simple to find the most auspicious date & time for you to perform your remarriage. It involves several deep astrological concepts and calculations which are best explained in this page.

Name Compatibility

Marriages fail also due to lack of name compatibility.  If the husband's name is inimical to wife's their marriage will fail.  Therefore it is important for every one to ensure that both their names are correct.

So one of the best ways to save a marriage is to correct your name and your wife's name. Your name must resonate well with your wife's. Ensure this by consulting an expert in name numerology &  astrology.

Turn A New Leaf

Now we have taught you the most secret ways to save a marriage from quarrels, fights, bitterness, separation, and divorce and lead a happy life.

How Is Your Marriage?

How is your marriage? May be it is good or may be it is on the brink of separation or divorce. If you really want to save your marriage take our help to do this wonderful marriage date rectification for you.

If still you are pondering on the best ways to save a marriage, may be your own or your friends marriage you can contact us for the rectification.

We have done this marriage date rectification to thousands of married couples through out the world. They were on the brink of divorce and now all of them lead a very happy married life with full of conjugal bliss.

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