Name Numerology Of No. 7
Signifies All That Is Divine!

Kannan M

Universal Similarities
In Concepts of Seven

The significance of Number 7 in name numerology lies in its universal applications in denoting The Divine.

No. 7 has the same numerology meanings of Divinity in many of the different cultures and civilizations.

When you analyze the usage of No. 7 in different parts of the world, you reach these inevitable conclusions.

A week has 7 Days. Music has 7 Notes. Rainbow has 7 Colors. The Planets are 7 in Number. No one found it necessary to add an eighth musical note, an eighth week day, an eighth color to the Rainbow, or an eighth planet.

Seven Defines Concepts Of Time
Sound And Planets

No one ever included an eighth planet for naming the Week Days. Hence, number seven denotes lofty phenomena of Nature. Seven is its measure, defining its realities, like Sound, Time, and the Significance of Planets.

Seven Means The Same Things
Through Out The World

In Name Numerology, there are many great sevens enumerated in Hindu, Greek, and Roman Religions. These are The Seven Planets, The Seven Days, The Seven Sages, Seven Musical Notes, and The Seven Virgins.

It is not a mere coincidence that various cults and tribes before thousands of years, should refer to the same idea while using this number. Name Numerology recognizes a Divine Hand in this extraordinary aspect of seven.

Greatness And Splendor
Of Number Seven

Name numerology of 7, is not yet complete. There are The Seven Oceans, The Seven Lakes, The Seven Colors, The Seven Hills, and The Seven Worlds. In Astronomy, the constellation Ursa Major contains Seven Stars.

Seven And The Pole Star

It is significant that, out of the seven stars of Ursa Major, the last two stars, when extended, always point to the Pole Star. The Pole star itself is the Seventh Star in the constellation of Ursa Minor.

It is interesting to note and it is no coincidence that, this constellation of Ursa Minor too contains only seven stars. The Pole Star is its most visible Star. It is the only fixed star in the sky that never changes its position.

Seven In The Hindu

The Seven Worlds denote the regions where the souls transmigrate after death. The concept of Seven worlds is confirmed by Lord Krishna Himself in Srimad Bagavad Gita, saying, "Gayathri Chandasam Aham". Gita CH 10-35

It means "Among all the holy utterances, I am Gayathri". In the Gayathri, their most sacred recital, these Seven Worlds are described. As per Hindu mythology, the entire Cosmos is made up of only these Seven Worlds.

Importance of Seven
In The Holy Bible

Biblical Numerology refers to Seven as a number which always points to some mysterious God Force. Name Numerology recognizes this Divine and Universal significance of 7. Biblical Numerology speaks of many Sevens.

It refers to The Seven Heavens, The Seven Thrones, The Seven Seals, and The Seven Churches. Seven denotes originality, superior knowledge, all pervasiveness, aloofness, self Contented Nature, and Reformation.

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