Numerology For No. 8
What Is Your
Lucky Gem For No. 8?

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To Start With

Numerology for No. 8 signifies Bad luck, Poverty, Disappointments, and Failures, Accidents, and Even Death!

You can Prevent All This, if You change Your Name by vibes of No.5, and Wear Your Lucky Gem for No. 8.

You are ruled by No. 8 and the Planet Saturn. You must wear a gem for No. 8 which best pleases Saturn.

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Invite Luck & Fortune

This makes you escape from accidents and the evil effects of No. 8 and Saturn. You must wear another gem that pleases your Life Number. It invokes Saturn to bless you with a richer life with better Luck and Fortune.

Gems for No. 8

If you are ruled by No. 8 and its numerology, Blue Sapphire is your Lucky Gem. You have nine types of Blue Sapphire. Your most powerful variety is in the Star Sapphire, with six facets and 6 streaks of radiant white lines.

If you put a piece of blue sapphire in a glass of milk, the entire milk turns blue. This is your test for this Gem. High quality Star Sapphire bestows luck. Also called Indra Neel, it is highly powerful and beneficial for you.

Buy Flawless Gems

Ensure as per numerology to buy flawless gems. Have a bioenergetician, expert in energy measurements, to verify the compatibility of the gem. Wear it in your left hand ring finger. Know How To Choose Flawless Gems.

Contact us to evaluate the purity of gems. We examine gems by Lecher Antenna and ensure astrology and bioenergetics compatibility. You will get the perfect gem. We do it by remote methods too. Take our expert help!

Other Lucky Gems For 8

You can also wear Blue Aquamarine Stone to ward off the evil effects of No. 8. While protecting against Saturn, do not be in a haste to buy the lucky gem. You should be careful to choose the right gem that suits you.

Numerology For No. 8
For Best Results

We caution you to ensure the gem's suitability by trial and error. You have to keep it on your person close to your skin for some time and check the influence. If you get positive and favorable indications buy that gem.

When You Have Two
Lucky Numbers

When your Numerology has 8 plus another lucky number, it also confers Luck. To intensify Luck further, wear the lucky gem for the other lucky number too. If you are ruled by 8 and 3, wear Sapphire and Amethyst.

For 8 and 4, you can take Garnet. For 8 and 2, it is Pearl or Moon Stone. If it is 8 and 5, you should wear Diamond along with Sapphire. For 8 and 6, your choice is Emerald. If it is 8 and 9, choose Coral plus Blue Sapphire.

Gems For 1 To 9

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Take Scientific Help

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We correct your signature, prescribe your Lucky Numbers, Lucky Days, and Lucky Gems as per scientific concepts. We confirm their accuracy by horary astrology, and with the Lecher Antenna, to Ensure your Success!

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