Numerology Meanings For
Name Number 12

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When 12 Is Good

Numerology meanings for Name Number 12 make you happy, if you have a name in this Name Number.

It is fashion now for every one to sport short names. Hence, you must pay special attention to Number 12.

Numerology for 12 says you have the combined influence of Sun and Moon. Sun scorches but Moon cools.

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Sun scorches and gives energy. Moon cools and fosters life. Like father and mother, Sun signifies Cosmic Energy. Moon signifies Earth’s Energy. These only constitute your body cells, your traits, and your character.

Built In Contrast

Name Numerology for name number 12 furthers conveys that Sun is ever dynamic, commanding, and assertive. Moon is slow and meditative in nature. Moon gives dreams and a fertile imagination. You compose poems.

Numerology for no. 12 has a built in contrast in Sun and Moon. Sun has original light. Moon shines in borrowed glory. Sun makes you forthright in speech. Moon makes you think before you talk. You are always tactful.

Numerology Meanings
Excel Before Others

Name Numerology for 12 reveals that for you the Sun acts as the goal setter. Moon acts as the executor. Sun gives leadership and the push. Moon makes you execute the ideas to perfection. You invent better ways.

Numerology for 12 therefore makes you excel in your thinking, behavior, speech, and action. The soft nature of Moon makes you work for others welfare. The lofty nature of Sun shuns rewards for your altruistic sacrifice.

The Opposite Side

Numerology meanings for 12 also reveal an opposite side when 1 is your Day Number and 2 is your Life Number. It delays your actions. Here Moon becomes the goal setter and it dilutes Sun's dynamism and enterprise.

Numerology for 12 therefore makes you procrastinate to the last minute. You suffer with bated breath to see the results. You often miss goals and the golden opportunities. you are torn between action and inaction.

When You Have 1 & 2

What happens to the numerology meanings of 12 when 2 is you Life Number and 1 is your Day Number? Here again there is a conflict between the nature of 2 and 1. Moon decides your character and actions.

As a result, numerology for12 makes you succeed less, fall into moody states, and get lost in confusion. Though you have material success, people see only one side of you. Like Moon, you hide your other side.

Mixed Results

Numerology meanings for 12 then become diluted by giving mixed results. After 40 you no longer have the drive and initiative for enterprise. Now Sun drives you to work hard but you end up with poor or mixed results.

Numerology for 12 turns you to mysticism. You research astrology, numerology, and other occult sciences. If Sun is not afflicted, you become talented in Mantra, Tantra, and Yantra. You excel in these sciences.

The Remedy

If your name or its number does not give success, change it at once. Engage a numerologist who knows bioenergetics, Lecher Antenna, and Astrology. He will find the ideal Name Number. Have your name in that.

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