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Assailed By Doubts

Gemology practices guide you how to buy your Lucky Gems, when you decide about your Lucky Stones.

When you decide to purchase your lucky gems, you are assailed by lots of doubts on your purchase details.

You want advice on what stone to wear on which finger, which finger represents which planet and so on.

The Doubts

In gemology, you also want to know how to decide on the weight to buy? In grams or carats? Whether you should wear the gem stone touching the skin? On which hand to wear? Wear it as a ring or attached to a necklace?

As per Numerology, what is the specialty of the nine stone ring? How to judge the purity of the gems? Is there any standard test to find the gem stone's purity? Are there tests to measure the vibrations in Lucky Gems?

Tests in Astrology

As per astrology on which day to start wearing your lucky stone? Is there any method in astrology to find your lucky gem? Will the astrology analysis also reveal its purity and compatibility? These are some of your questions.

Index Finger

As per gemology and palmistry, your index finger represents Jupiter. And Amethyst is the gem for Jupiter. Hence, you can wear Amethyst in your index finger. You can also wear Ruby, Coral, or Pearl in this finger.

Ring Finger

As per astrology and palmistry, your ring finger represents Sun. Ruby is the gem for Sun. Hence, you wear Ruby in your ring finger. You can also wear Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, Diamond, Emerald, or coral in this finger.

Middle Finger

As per gemology and numerology, your middle finger represents Saturn. Blue Sapphire is the gem for Saturn. Hence, you can wear Blue Sapphire in your middle finger. You can also wear Ruby or Diamond in this finger.

Little Finger

As per numerology and astrology, your little finger represents Mercury. And Diamond is the Gem for Mercury. Hence, you can wear Diamond in your little finger. In this you can also wear pearl, coral, ruby, garnet or emerald.

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