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For Name Number 38

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Deep Faith

As per Numerology Meanings for No. 38, you are ruled by 11 and 2.

That means you are ruled by Moon. Moon does not have self effulgence. It shines only in borrowed glory.

Hence you excel only when you work for others. When you study numerology for 38, it asks you to have a deep faith in some thing.

Place it on a leader or you should trust in God. With that deep Faith, you can climb to great heights like that Great Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi.

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Good Company

Numerology for 38 can also take you to great heights of power and terror like Adolph Hitler. Belief in God makes you a Mahatma, whereas belief like Might is Right, makes you climb to heights of power and terror.

When you study numerology for 38, it cautions you about its Number 8 and Saturn. If your baby's name is in 38, train it to move only with good friends. If it moves with evil fiends, it will also become selfish and evil.

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Numerology Meanings
Big Support

Numerology Meanings for No. 38 declare that you will get support of big shots for your business success. You are faithful to them, which makes them help more. You love justice. You are well behaved and soft natured.

When you study numerology 38, you know you get such help, when you have 38 in your own name or business name. You begin as a very small person, but with the quality of help, you gradually climb to great heights.

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Sad Endings

Numerology Meanings for 38 reveal that one develops enemies from his own circles. They harm him. Unless corrected by a good name, unsteady Moon and evil Saturn make him meet with an unexpected sad end.

When you study numerology, Jupiter in 3 makes you serve. Moon in 2 makes you waver. Saturn in 8 wreaks its revenge to punish. These effects are worse, if your birthdate numerology compatibility is afflicted.

The Remedy

If your name is in 38, change it at once. Take help from an expert who knows bioenergetics, Lecher Antenna, and Horary Astrology. He will help you find your ideal name number. Have your name finalized in that number.

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