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Jupiter & Moon

When you study numerology, name number 32 fills you with excitement. In this number you have No.3 and 2.

3 is for Jupiter and 2 is for Moon. Therefore, you have the imagination of Moon and efficiency of Jupiter.

You attract all kinds of clients and well wishers with this number 32. You will always enjoy public support.

Jupiter and Moon make you reveal novel ideas and projects. You will attain to very high positions. King Vikramaditya used it as his favorite number.

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Role of Mercury

When you add 32, you obtain No. 5. This number is ruled by Mercury. Therefore, in addition to the good effects of Jupiter and Moon, you have the predominant influence of Mercury in your name.

Therefore you command attention and respect wherever you go. Mercury guides you from your subconscious mind. You must obey its suggestions, even if it is against your ideas. That way, you will always attain Success.

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Practical Intelligence
Study Numerology

When you study numerology of 32, you will find that Mercury and Jupiter bestow you with remarkable intelligence. They will guide you in your most critical moments. If you ignore their suggestions, you will face failures.

Numerology of 32 will bless you with ever lasting youth. You attract others with your wit and humor. You will appear young even in your old age.

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Fond of Change

When you study numerology of 32, you will find that Moon has its say from your age of 38. Though intelligent, you are not content with one project. You keep changing goals. As a result, you will have many ups and downs.

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Initials & Components

Numerology of 32 cautions you to have an appropriate name. You must not have an initial or component word which reduces to 6 or 9. 6 is inimical to 3 and 2 is inimical to 9. You should avoid both these numbers.

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Ensure Compatibility

When you study numerology of names, 6 and 9 work against you. It can happen if your wife or a business partner has a name in these numbers. If it is so, you must correct their names with due numerology compatibility.

It is not enough if you have birthdate numerology compatibility. You should also have astrology and bioenergetics compatibility in any name, and especially in your name. Have your name designed accordingly.

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The Remedy

If your name is unlucky, change it at once. Engage a Numerologist who also knows bioenergetics, Lecher Antenna, and Horary Astrology. He will find your ideal name number. Have your name finalized in that number.

If you are not happy with the name of your wife or partner, you can approach Mr. kannan M, through the contact page. He will give you the most Lucky Baby Names, Lucky Business Names and Personal Names!

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