Numerology Compatibility
For Name Number 47

Kannan M

Move Backwards

If your name number is 47, you have little numerology compatibility between its component numbers.

No. 4 is Rahu, a retrograde planet and 7 is Kethu, another retrograde planet. Both move away backwards.

If you study numerology, you learn that Rahu stands for talkative nature. This makes you unpopular.
You poke your nose into others private affairs and incur their displeasure. Kethu makes you lose interest in your worldly enjoyments and renounce.

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Poles Apart

Rahu is poles apart from Kethu. They occupy opposite locations in the Zodiac, allowing little compatibility in 47. Some times Rahu works and at other times Kethu, affecting the erstwhile achievements.

If you study numerology of 47, you find that 4 and 7 add to 11. It adds to 2, which is Moon. Moon is inimical to Rahu.. As per ancient texts, Rahu causes the eclipse of Moon. This also affects compatibility for. 47.

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Numerology Compatibility
Vision Risks

However, you find persons ruled by 47 acquire wealth. They are selfish in their aggrandizement. Poor birthdate compatibility due to 9 as day or life number, or 7 in 47, prevents them from enjoying their wealth.

Not only that. You often find that those with 47 lose their vision due to diabetes or accidents. Even minor injuries are likely to turn septic and make one lose his vision. It calls for extra care during any eye surgery.

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When Afflicted

If you have no. 9 as your day or life number, that becomes inimical to 7 in 47, which upsets the compatibility for that number. If 8 is your day or life number, you also lose your numerology love compatibility.

When you study numerology, you know that there is no numerology love compatibility between 7 and 9 or 2 and 9. If you have 47, it has a 7 and it reduces to 2, when you add 4 & 7. This leads to abortive love affairs.

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The Remedy

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