Numerology Meanings
For Name Number 20

Kannan M

Saint Or Sinner

Numerology Meanings for Number 20 denote both and War & Peace. It signifies Both Storm and The Calm.

If your number is 20, You wish to wage a war against Injustice, Racial Discrimination, and Apartheid.

There is a hidden side for No. 20. It portends warlike qualities in you to Dominate, Subjugate, and Conquer.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Sacrifice & Revenge

At another extreme, you can be a Mahatma. You will live and toil for the welfare of the downtrodden and oppressed. You will live for others. You will burnout in sacrifice like a candle does in lighting up your room.

Two And Zero

It signifies extremes in both Sacrifice and Revenge. Numerology number meanings for 20 stem from No. 2 and Zero. Number 2 denotes Moon. Zero refers to infinity. It is a reference to God. In Hinduism It is Lord Krishna. His life is full of sacrifices and revenge.

I cross reference here to what Lord Krishna says in Srimad Bagavat Gita that He becomes The Moon to Nourish All Beings. Here is the Verse!

The Holy Verse

gām āviśya ca bhūtāni
dhārayāmy aham ojasā
puṣṇāmi cauṣadhīḥ sarvāḥ
somo bhūtvā rasātmakaḥ
Chapter 15.Verse 13.

The Sacred Meaning

The Meaning is as follows: "I enter into each planet, and by My energy they stay in orbit. I become the moon and thereby supply the juice of life to all vegetables". Bagavad Gita. Chapter 15. Verse 13.

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Peace Or War

As Krishna said, Numerology Meanings for 20 signify the Benevolence of Moon, and the limitlessness of Zero. You attract the world by your Cause and Deeds. You have the potential to set examples like Mahatma Gandhi.

Numerology Number Meanings for 20 also suggest War and Revolution as signified by the sound of Kettle Drums. When these noble qualities are sacrificed for selfish ends, it makes you a Vicious Rebel or a Renegade.

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Numerology Meanings
Call For Upheaval

Name Numerology for 20 conveys that you will take up arms to achieve your ends. You do not care if the innocent succumb to your violence and Revenge, and if the old, sick, and the kids perish in the Bloody Carnage.

Numerology No. Meanings for 20 also signify poisoning en masse. When 20 is your number, you can acquire special powers to detoxify the effects of poisoning. You can neutralize poisons and save snake bite victims.

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Call For Reforms

Numerology Meanings for No. 20 also signify a Big Call from a Savior or Saint. It has the powers to arouse a country or a Big Nation. It can be a call for Spiritual Upheaval, Political Revolution, or Economic Reform.

Numerology No. Meanings for 20 Confirm your Capability to Arouse the Asleep, and Achieve your Goals. But only when you are unselfish! If you direct your powers for selfish ends, you end up with sordid Defeats.

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Hitler Or Gandhi

Dictator Hitler was born on 20-4-1889. His name Hitler measures and resonates in No. 20. He was well known as Hitler. He was born on the 20th. This shows that 20 can produce a Hitler or a Mahatma Gandhi.

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When Afflicted

Numerology Meanings for 20 conclude that it's not a safe Name No. It is afflicted by 9 and 8, if either is your day or Life No. It makes you sign wrong deals, accept dubious contracts, and cause your own downfall.

Take care not to let it continue when your wife or partner has 9 or 8 as their day, life, or name numbers. They'll surely turn against you. If it happens you have no other go except to get their names corrected.

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Components Decide

Numerology meanings for 20 indicate no numerology compatibility with Number 9 or 8. An initial or a component word in your name with any of these is evil. If it occurs, you have to perform a numerology correction.

If your partner has 9 or 8 in his name or birth numbers, you have to remove him or change his name with perfect numerology compatibility. You have to get it done in a new favorable Name No.

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The Remedy

If your name, or name number is unlucky, change it at once. Take help from an expert who knows bioenergetics, Lecher Antenna, and Horary Astrology. He will find and finalize your name in your ideal Name No..

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